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Ilkley's own flower and vibrational essences – Verbeia

Ilkley Moor has long been associated with healing powers. In the early 20th century, Ilkley was known as the "Heather Spa" in recognition of the health-giving quality of its water and the bracing air sweeping over its moors.

Verbeia Pouch

Verbeia Wellbeing, Body Care and Essences Range

Jenny Howarth

In 2014, Verbeia, Celtic-Roman Goddess of Wharfedale returned to Ilkley through the work of Jenny Howarth, experienced Homeopath and Flower Essence Practitioner.

Jenny developed the Verbeia Moorland range of flower and vibrational essences, which were trialled with remarkable results, including increased energy, improved sleep, calmness and relaxation, greater confidence and deep joy.

The essences have also been blended with therapeutic essential oils in a range of indulgent bodycare products to support you from sunrise to sunset.

In 2016, Verbeia was transferred toYorkshire Flower Essences Ltd, also responsible for Bailey Essences, made here in Ilkley for over 50 years.